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September 21, 1998

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Tolt 2 Pipeline project progressing


Lisa Allen/Valley View

Tolt Pipeline No. 2, here along Novelty Hill Road and now buried, will mean a more stable water supply for a growing population on the Eastside and North Seattle.

   by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor

   The installation of Tolt Pipeline No. 2 is almost complete on Novelty Hill Road, according to Pam Yonich, an assistant civil engineer with Seattle Public Utilities.
   "Last week, pipe was laid up the steep hill from W. Snoqualmie Valley Road," said Yonich. "The weather has been a blessing for us."
   Also last week, crews laid the pipe under Lower Mackey Creek near Redmond, she said.
   "We had to divert the creek and pump the water around," she said. "We worked closely with fisheries biologists and environmentalists since it was a big concern for them."
   Yonich said the six-feet diameter pipe is buried eight feet down.
   Seattle Public Utilites and Coluccio Construction crews are working from two staging areas, one on W. Snoqualmie Valley Road and the other on the Old Redmond Road.
   The pipeline will run from the Tolt Reservoir near the current pipeline and will supply water to the same areas (the Eastside and North Seattle).
   "It's a humongous project," she said. "We spend a lot of time explaining to people what we are doing."
   A lot of work is going toward making as little impact on the land as possible, she said.
   "We go back and restore or hydroseed pasture and fix trails," she said. "If we go through a wetland, a wetland contractor goes back to replant."
   She emphasized that when a crew is working in a spot that is heavily traveled, they make sure the street is passable before stopping work.
   "Many times the crews are working late at night to be finished in that spot before they leave," she said.
   The pipeline is not scheduled to go under the Snoqualmie River until next year, at which time a huge boring machine will tunnel under the river, pulling the pipe behind it, she added.