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September 21, 1998

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Airtouch Cellular video shot in Snoqualmie Valley


Lisa Allen/Valley View

John Keister, host of KING TV's Almost Live, on the set of an Airtouch Cellular instructional video shot in the Snoqualmie Valley.

   by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor

   DUVALL--Some strange-looking icons appeared in a field south of Duvall a couple of weeks ago, but they weren't placed there to communicate with aliens from outer space. Rather, they were props in a video aimed at helping us communicate better with each other.
   "It's an instructional video from Airtouch Cellular that describes all the features of a cell phone--email, call forwarding, voice mail and how to read your bill," said video producer Michelle Bagnato.
   The video will be available around Christmas time, she said.
   "Customers who purchase a cell phone with activated service by Airtouch Cellular will get the video free," Bagnato said. "There are a lot of people out there who don't know how to use all the features on their cell phone and this video will help them with that."
   She noted that the video will specifically target digital phones.
   Director Jerry Brown used props that included a small tent, rectangle, half circle and a giant cube with a question mark on it, set in the middle of a grassy field.
   "There has been a lot of positive reaction to the set icons," said Holly Bellows, promotions manager for Airtouch. "They will work well for post production work and text messaging."
   John Keister, host of KING TV's Almost Live, was picked to be the Airtouch Cellular spokesperson.
   "John will be alone on the set with the props," Bellows said.
   She added that the company picked the Snoqualmie Valley for its "feeling of openness and expansiveness."