Northwest NEWS

September 21, 1998

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Cougar sighted mile from downtown Woodinville

   WOODINVILLE--Residents just east of Woodinville's industrial area reported seeing a cougar attack and carry off their small pet dog last Friday (Sept. 18) afternoon.
   The attack was witnessed in broad daylight at around 5 p.m. near 152nd Ave. N.E. between N.E. 190th St. and N.E. 192nd St.
   A resident, who didn't want to be named, said there was no doubt it was a cougar, which he said was about the size of the average German shepherd, that grabbed their "teacup" Yorkshire Terrier from behind some bushes and ran off.
   He described the neighborhood, which is about a mile from downtown Woodinville, as wooded and brushy, but said a lontime resident there reported he'd never seen a cougar in the area.
   The man said his neighbors have been alerted, and that the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife was being contacted.
   To reduce the odds of a cougar encounter, wildlife officials advise to keep pets and farm animals indoors at night, stow pet food and garbage and supervise small children playing outside.