Northwest NEWS

September 28, 1998


Drivers need to use new roads in town

   At the last Woodinville City Council meeting we talked about roads and traffic (again). One of the questions that was raised was "why don't more people use the new roads past the movie theatre and Target to bypass the congestion on 175th?"
   If you are trying to go west on 175th during the middle of the day you will most likely have to wait in traffic. If you don't need to stop in town and are simply trying to get to Highway 522 why not drive the new roads, cross the railroad tracks and go along 177th?
   I personally take this route more and more. It is sometimes faster to go east on 175th, cut through the new shopping area and then go west along 177th, than to try to move west on 175th.
   If you haven't tried this route already, I urge you to do so. The city required the developer of the new shopping area to put in $5 million worth of roads to help the traffic situation in downtown Woodinville. It will all be for nothing if you don't use them.
   Don Brocha, Mayor of Woodinville