Northwest NEWS

September 28, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Drivers need to use new roads in town

 If you are trying to go west on 175th during the middle of the day you will most likely have to wait in traffic. If you don't need to stop in town and are simply trying to get to Highway 522 why not drive the new roads, cross the railroad tracks and go along 177th?

Kids or cabbage; soccer or succotash

 I have been following with interest the ongoing public discussion about land use in the Sammamish Valley. I have assumed, for the past several years, that this discussion would culminate in a reasoned and rational conclusion, one that would allow adequate space for the youth of this area to participate in healthy activities like soccer, baseball and softball as well as continuing opportunities for the small (read micro) farmer to cultivate the soil. Unfortunately, I was wrong and reason has not prevailed.

Mayor, council need support

 Your presence and input could prove valuable. Mayor Hunter and councilmembers do listen to the people's input and seem to want to hear what we have to say. We may not always want to hear the answer or response given, but at least a person in attendance would have the opportunity to be heard directly and obtain a response.

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