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September 28, 1998

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Wellswood elects first-ever Family Council


Alley Lek, 6, takes part in games during a recent community event at the Wellswood community.

   by Woodinville Weekly staff
   WOODINVILLE--The Wellswood community in Woodinville took a more active roll in their future and that of their children.
   Residents of the 30-unit King County Housing Authority complex elected the first-ever Family Council at a recent community celebration.
   According to council Vice President Catherine Howard, the group hopes to address issues such as community parks, landscape and maintenance, and how federal money is spent at Wellswood.
   Wellswood is located near the Woodinville Park and Ride. Howard, a 14-year resident, indicated forming a "Kids Council" was a high priority as well. Renters from this country and abroad live at Wellswood. There are Ukranians, Cambodians, Vietnamese and Russians among others. Residents elected Kevin Haines as president, Howard as vice president, and Josie Duby, David Mahmood, Lyn Nasson, Hier Veg, Lillie Clinton, Tricia Meeker, Flora Baniqued, Nikolay Panasquk and Urina Palatova as boardmembers.
   The board will elect two from among them to act as secretary and treasurer of the council.
   The first board meeting will be Sept. 30 at 7 p.m. at Howard's apartment (S-2). Call 481-6959 for details.