Northwest NEWS

September 28, 1998

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Tribe and youth group receive surplus county vehicles

   Snoqualmie tribal members will find it a little easier to share their culture with local school children this year, thanks to a donation of a surplus van from King County.
   The Snoqualmie Tribe and Kirkland/Redmond Boys and Girls Club are among the more than two dozen organizations chosen to receive one of the high-quality, recently retired county Vanpool vans.
   Both groups are located in Council District 3, represented by Metropolitan County Council Chair Louise Miller.
   "I know these two vans are going to be put to good use," said Miller. "One of the goals of this surplus van program is to supplement public transportation. My district is one of the largest geographically, so anything that enhances local transit programs is a wonderful help."
   The overall intent of the van distribution program is to provide surplus county vehicles to organizations serving low-income, elderly or youth groups sponsored by local governments and non-profit agencies. The Council has also found the distribution program supports county transportation goals to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips, and increases transit opportunities for people who do not have easy access to public transportation.
   Miller said the Snoqualmie Tribe will use its van to transport its performance group to local schools, take elders to appointments and make pickups at the food bank.
   The vans should be arriving locally, and at the 24 other sites across King County, in the next month.