Northwest NEWS

October 5, 1998


Street is still dangerous

   I have been following your articles on the WHS parking situation and have been struck by the fact that those residents living on 136th Ave. NE have been virtually ignored.
   Over the past several years many of us have expressed our concerns to the City Council, and prior to that, to the county, regarding student and resident safety along our street.
   Yet, little has been done. We are concerned with the safety of those students who have to walk in the street to get to school, as well as for our own safety. It is difficult, sometimes impossible, to see around the parked cars when exiting our driveways.
   All too often, we must pull into the street without being able to look for oncoming cars. The city did widen the shoulder and put up No Parking signs near some of our driveways.
   However, that did not eliminate the problem. The same dangers are still present. I realize that we do not live in an expensive housing development, yet that should not matter when it comes to the safety of our families and students.
   There have been numerous accidents on this street over the years, most of which involved students parking along the side of the street. It is not that they are careless or irresponsible, but simply because they are allowed to park on a dangerous street.
   Most people are aware by now that there has already been one fatal accident on 136th Ave. NE. Prior to this accident area residents, as well as others, voiced their concerns to the county. Many were afraid that someone would be injured or killed due to the unsafe parking. The county did not act quickly upon those concerns.
   Nothing was done until after a student had been killed. And then only part of the problem was rectified.
   It would seem that the city is following suit. Only part of the problem is being handled; 136th Ave. NE remains a dangerous street to park on.
   I sincerely hope that the City Council takes action to put an end to a potentially deadly situation, before another fatality occurs. They have it within their power to do so .. if they only want to.
   Name withheld by request