Northwest NEWS

October 5, 1998


A no vote is a vote to punish the children

   During the past few weeks I have read Letters to the Editor against the Riverview Fields Bond and listened to a couple of individuals voice their vote no position, and it saddens me to read and listen to their positions as they obviously have priorities not in the best interest of the children in the Riverview School District.
   I am a twenty year resident in the Riverview School District with three children ages 18, 15 and 11. I have coached approximately 25 girls' and boys' athletic teams totaling over 350 children, including children of individuals against the bond.
   My priorities for the past 18 years have been to do whatever I could for the betterment of children, and I believe creating quality sports' programs combined with academics is a proven formula for well balanced children.
   The fields are desperately needed. The Valley has over 170 community and school athletic teams representing over 2,500 participants competing for fields. Cedarcrest High School opened five years ago with a student population of 335 students compared to 833 this fall.
   This type of growth, without having proper athletic facilities, is creating a very difficult and sometimes unsafe environment for the children participating on school and community teams.
   This fall there are three football teams, three girls' soccer teams, a drill team, marching band and the cross country team at Cedarcrest High School. These teams should be training on campus at safe, adequate facilities.
   Unfortunately children are transported to Tolt Middle School for practice on inadequate fields. Track athletes have no choice but to run on the streets surrounding the high school or train at Woodinville High School on Saturday mornings. Fields at Cedarcrest are very limited and not at all comparable to what athletes are expected to perform on during actual competition.
   A recent letter writer commented on being booed at a voter rally. The rally was an advertised Vote Yes Rally, promoted and attended by approximately 60 supporters of the bond with two non-supporters who for whatever reason chose to attend and announce their no position.
   I cannot understand why someone against the bond would want to attend a Vote Yes Rally and not expect to be booed by the supporters who were attending for the sole purpose of organizing and building support for the bond.
   Voting no may be viewed as punishing the school district or the school board or the adult volunteers supporting the bond, but in reality voting no will only punish the children. Voting yes will show your support for the dedicated youth in the Riverview School District.
   Wally Costello, Carnation