Northwest NEWS

October 5, 1998


Vote yes to improve the future of our kids

   As recent transplants to the Snoqualmie Valley, our family was excited at the prospect of the new Riverview fields project, not only because my husband is employed by the district, but primarily because in the short time we have been here it has become clearly evident that the community and school need them!
   Because I have a child playing youth soccer, I have witnessed the overcrowding and inadequacies of the local fields. Having a husband who was also a coach for the first eight years of our married life, I have seen the athletic facilities at many other school districts. I can safely say that many communities and schools have recognized the importance and benefits of having comprehensive facilities which not only serve the student body, but are also available for the community to utilize for all types of activities. Students at those schools are less likely to get into trouble.
   I believe that the students of the Riverview School District deserve to have facilities that they can be proud of and which will be played on for many generations to come.
   I am tired of reading editorials which lambast the cost and the intended uses for these fields. These fields are for the kids! Who else would they be for?
   I would only hope that people can see that progress is an important and positive part of life. Take some time and go see the quality of the facilities that progressive communities are providing for their children and their communities.
   The Snoqualmie Valley is a wonderful place to live, and we feel very fortunate to be a part of this community. I believe that we as neighbors, friends, educators and a society concerned for the future need to work together to create a better future for our children, and a great place to start is by providing them with fields that we can all be proud of. I truly hope we can all put aside our personal agendas long enough to vote yes for the future of our community.
   Dianna La Bate, Duvall