Northwest NEWS

October 5, 1998


It's time to set grievances aside

   It's time to invest in physical education and athletic facilities to meet the needs of a fast growing student population.
   A large percentage of our students are committed to maintaining high standards in the classroom and to remain free of drugs and alcohol in order to participate in sports programs. These facilities will be an important part in the education of many students.
   A recent letter writer stated the Riverview Fields/Athletic bond had failed before and complained about running the bond again. Facts show majority support for the bond but not the 60 percent super majority required. The writer also stated the plan is extravagant with no maintenance. What the letter writer really means is, "I will fight you all the way before I see any improvements at Cedarcrest," and "The high school should never have been moved."
   This grievance goes back many years and is only hurting the kids in our valley. It was time to move forward and our school district responded with many new programs that resulted in steadily improving test scores.
   A community design group selected a plan meeting district and community needs at $6.5M or $0.34/$1,000. The design is not extravagant. The all weather field allows maximum use with minimum maintenance over a grass field. The district is committed to maintaining the new facilities that will be open to all community organizations.
   Put our grievances aside, support our kids both on the field and in the classroom with your support for the Riverview Fields/Athletic bond.
   Dan Pflugrath, Carnation