Northwest NEWS

October 5, 1998


Red coat too fragile to be exhibited

   In Oscar Roloff's article, "A hole in the haystack," published on Sept. 21, he tells the story of a Revolutionary War era red coat, parts of which have made their way into the collection of the Marymoor Museum of Westside History.
   Although Mr. Roloff encourages your readers to "go to the museum and ask to see the red coat," we wanted everyone to know that we would not be able to fulfill such a request. The intricately embroidered front panels of the red coat are among our most fragile textile items here at the museum. It would be harmful for the artifact if we were to subject it to the wear and tear of constant display, or even frequent removal from safe storage conditions.
   Textile lovers should nevertheless "go to the museum" from Oct. 8 through March 28, 1999 to see the exhibit, Ladies of Fashion: The Wetherill Collection, 1890-1955, which features 17 evening gowns, dinner dresses and capes, along with hats and other accessories spanning 70 years.
   The Wetherill Collection is unique not only because it represents high fashion from each decade, but also because each decade is interwoven with the history of a prominent Seattle family and its connection to the Eastside.
   Karen Holt Luetjen, Executive Director