Northwest NEWS

October 5, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Stranded driver returns favor

 I waited 2 1/2 hours for a tow. During that time seven different people stopped and got out of their cars to see if I needed anything. I was offered the use of cell phones, rides, and more than one person asked me if they could get me coffee or food! Besides the folks who stopped and got out of their cars, there were many people who pulled up next to me and rolled down their windows to see if I needed help.

Street is still dangerous

 I have been following your articles on the WHS parking situation and have been struck by the fact that those residents living on 136th Ave. NE have been virtually ignored. I sincerely hope that the City Council takes action to put an end to a potentially deadly situation, before another fatality occurs. They have it within their power to do so .. if they only want to.

Class appreciates support

 This activity could only happen because of the support our class received from several area businesses. Starbucks in Carnation, Remlinger Farms, Family Grocer and the Little Country Bakery in Duvall all came through with various donations in support of our project. We want to acknowledge their willingness to support a group of 11-13 year olds who wanted to recognize the dedication of our teachers and school staff.

A no vote is a vote to punish the children

 The [sports] fields are desperately needed. The Valley has over 170 community and school athletic teams representing over 2,500 participants competing for fields. Cedarcrest High School opened five years ago with a student population of 335 students compared to 833 this fall.

Community needs to focus on clean streets

 We need a community drive to refocus everyone on keeping our streets and neighborhoods clean. We live in such a beautiful area; please, let's keep it that way.

A call for changes in legislation

 "Abhorrent", "most onerous" and "confiscatory" were words used by the aware few to describe two new King County legislative proposals affecting thousands of King County lot/acerage owners.

Vote yes to improve the future of our kids

 I am tired of reading editorials which lambast the cost and the intended uses for these fields. These fields are for the kids! Who else would they be for?

It's time to set grievances aside

 Put our grievances aside, support our kids both on the field and in the classroom with your support for the Riverview Fields/Athletic bond.

Red coat too fragile to be exhibited

 Although Mr. Roloff encourages your readers to "go to the museum and ask to see the red coat," we wanted everyone to know that we would not be able to fulfill such a request. The intricately embroidered front panels of the red coat are among our most fragile textile items here at the museum. It would be harmful for the artifact if we were to subject it to the wear and tear of constant display, or even frequent removal from safe storage conditions.

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