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October 5, 1998

Local News

Draft horse demonstration by Woodinville Clydesdale


   Woodinville residents Ralph Fehlberg and Laura Scott will provide one of their black Clydesdales for a draft horse demonstration this weekend at the Hollywood Hills Saddle Club's: "Celebration of Horses and History" during Woodinville's Pioneer Days celebration.
   Fehlberg and Scott moved to Woodinville in 1997 with neither horse nor barn. They knew that it would be a challenge to keep horses on their 1.5 acre farm near Bear Creek. In order to learn about horsekeeping on small acreage, they enrolled in farm planning classes offered by the King Conservation District and attended seminars conducted by Horses for Clean Water, an educational program on environmentally sound horse and farm management.
   After completing and filing a farm plan with King County, Fehlberg and Scott built their barn with the help of Duvall musician Bobby Beaulieu. Their custom barn features Western Washington mud deterring gutters and downspouts (keeps clean water clean), draining paddocks (keeps horses from standing in mud), a three bin manure composting system (reuse as fertilizer), as well as extra large 12'x24' stalls that house the giant horses.
   "Usually people associate draft horses with pulling wagons, sleds or beer carts. People are often surprised to learn that we use our Clydesdales as riding horses," Scott says, "but we love them-it is like riding in a Lincoln Continental."
   The draft horse demonstration will share with kids and parents the unique features of draft horses- their origins, historical roles in society, and their uses today. The program will also include information on the responsibilities of horse ownership and care.