Northwest NEWS

October 12, 1998


Let's do what's best for the students

   I've read, with interest, the recent letters in opposition to the athletic facilities for Cedarcrest High School. However, the statement "We've said no three times," upsets me. While the majority of voters said yes, this was not enough to pass the bond. So, where do these people get "we"? It is a shame that a simple majority (51%) is not enough to pass bonds for the educational and physical development of our children.
   It may be correct to say that the facilities at Tolt Middle School are good enough, but that would only be true if we were talking about 30 years ago. These individuals only need to take the time to visit 3A and 4A high schools, as well as local colleges and universities to see how out of date our current facilities are. To fix these facilities is only throwing away good money. If any of these individuals are still upset over where the school was built, I only have this to say: Get over it; it's old news! It's time to quit punishing the children for the decisions of others.
   With new sports' facilities at Cedarcrest High School, we could really begin to build a sports' program. It'd be great for our first class students and their first class high school to have first class facilities. High school students love to show off their school and grounds.
   Also, it would be nice to have home field advantage, which they currently can not enjoy. When Cedarcrest has its own facilities, those at Tolt must be improved, so that our middle school students can use their own facilities to compete with other junior highs and middle schools in sports, such as soccer and football, without having to wait for the high school's athletes to finish practices or games. This would help to develop a sound middle school to high school athletic program.
   Another complaint is that sports leagues would have to pay to use the facilities. Of course they should. Are they going to maintain the facilities and pay the bills? Don't be fooled. In other areas where leagues use high school, junior high, middle school and elementary school facilities, they pay for that time. This is because someone has to pay for the upkeep and other bills associated with the extra use.
   Since our community is growing rapidly, it is only logical to assume that additional schools will be needed to meet the needs of our children, as well as keeping the classroom sizes manageable. If you have small children and feel that these fields can wait, please think again. Your little ones will be teens much faster than you think, and in the future these fields will only cost more to build. Please, let's do what's best for the students of today and those of the 21st century. Vote yes for Riverview fields!
   Teresa M. Burch, Duvall