Northwest NEWS

October 12, 1998


Looks can be deceiving

   The more rocks you turn over in the Riverview School District, the more surprises you find. It's like they threw together a stadium drawing and made it so attractive that maybe nobody would ask questions. Where are the soil, water table, etc. specifications proving this design is even feasible at Cedarcrest, I asked. There aren't any. Stadium propaganda says the fields will be ready for use fall of 2000, but what about the Interlocal Agreement with the City of Carnation that legally binds CHS to use Tolt Field for football until the year 2001, regardless of any new fields? Read the fine print.And how about that new communications consultant hired by Riverview and paid for with $1500 a month of taxpayers' money, who coincidentally co-chairs the pro-bond committee? Conflict of interest? You decide. What about plans for handling the traffic increase around CHS? Wider roads? Traffic lights maybe?
   Supporters' propaganda claims the stadium, concession stands, etc. will serve almost 3000 players and nearly 200 teams. All those players, fans and visitors will be driving right through those developments on the hill.
   And since everything around the stadium will be lighted, what happens to property values once the traffic jams are day and night, seven days a week? Any report to homeowners on that? The reality of this bond proposal is so filled with inconsistencies, you wonder if anyone really thought this thing through before parading around a pretty picture with a multimillion dollar price tag. Ask questions! Looks can be deceiving and unfortunately so can bond proposals.
   Karen Hill, Carnation