Northwest NEWS

October 12, 1998


Pipeline would offer less chance of harming environment

   I am writing in hopes of informing the people of Washington about a project that will generate employment without using tax money, eliminate some traffic on our roadways and have a positive effect on our environment.
   Olympic Pipeline Company has been asked by its shippers to expand its underground pipeline network so that fuel can be transported to Eastern Washington in a safer and more reliable method than is now in use. Olympic Pipeline Company has operated underground pipelines in Washington safely for 30 years.
   The benefits of this project would be $105 million private investments in the Washington infrastruction. No tax dollars would be spent. Eliminating about 1,800 tanker trips a day would help reduce the congestion on our roadways. Using an underground pipeline to transport fuel and eliminating barge traffic and road wear makes sense environmentally. There is less chance to harm the environment if an accident happens. This is a project that everyone will benefit in. I encourage everyone to let their political leaders know how they feel.
   Jack Jakubiec, Mill Creek