Northwest NEWS

October 12, 1998


The truth is what they refuse to see

   Can you handle the truth? This is the question I would like to ask the people who have been campaigning against the Riverview Fields. The truth is not what they have been putting out in their literature. The truth is what they refuse to see.
   The truth is the Riverview student enrollment is growing faster than most school districts in Washington. Cedarcrest High School alone has grown from 350 to 850 students in five years. That's the truth.
   The truth is the need for sports facilities will not go away. Every year we delay this project it will cost us more money to build it. That's the truth. It is a school board policy that youth organizations cannot be charged for field use. That's the truth. The truth is adult groups using the fields have always paid $5 per hour to use school fields. The Riverview School Board is bound to these policies and the Riverview Fields issue cannot change that. That is the truth. The truth is Riverview School Superintendent Jack Ernst acknowledged, at a public meeting in Carnation, that the school board is committed to providing the budget and staff to maintain the fields. He also agreed to meet with representatives from each Snoqualmie Valley sports organization on a regular basis to address any maintenance issues.
   The new fields will be designed for minimum maintenance requirements, and more facilities will reduce the use and maintenance requirements for existing fields. That's the truth. I believe the truth is the majority of people in our community understand the value of providing positive athletic events for our children to participate in or attend.
   Rick Wheeler, Carnation