Northwest NEWS

October 12, 1998


Read the fine print

   Good Grief! Once again Riverview School District trots out a lavish sports bond that failed in three past elections. This thing lurches forth as regularly as Marley's ghost giving taxpayers justifiable frights in the night. Its total cost, this time around, has ballooned to $6.5 million, plus $4.75 million in estimated interest payable by us.
   The district has strange priorities. Riverview is soon going to have to ask taxpayers for millions of dollars to build a new K-8 school, as well as needing funding for costly new computer classrooms in the schools. These will be expenditures important to children's basic education.
   Someone should teach the folks continually pushing this bloated sports proposal that it's time to put our kids' education first. District taxpayers do not have limitless resources. An effort is being made to push this bond through before voters are asked to support real education- oriented tax proposals starting next spring. At some point, jaded taxpayers close their pocketbooks.
   After this bond last failed, its designers eliminated the roof on the proposed 2,000 seat Cedarcrest stadium and allocated a stingy $250,000 to the district's other schools. But, yikes! The bond's sticker price has jumped up a million bucks! Go figure.
   Read School Board Resolution #98-11. The fine print informs that if cost overruns occur during the construction of this humongous complex at Cedarcrest High, the district is not obligated to accomplish any or all of the token improvements they are advertising for other schools. Please vote no on Proposition 1.
   Alice Yarborough, Carnation