Northwest NEWS

October 12, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Let's do what's best for the students

 Since our community is growing rapidly, it is only logical to assume that additional schools will be needed to meet the needs of our children, as well as keeping the classroom sizes manageable. If you have small children and feel that these fields can wait, please think again. Your little ones will be teens much faster than you think, and in the future these fields will only cost more to build.

Looks can be deceiving

 And since everything around the stadium will be lighted, what happens to property values once the traffic jams are day and night, seven days a week? Any report to homeowners on that?

Pipeline would offer less chance of harming environment

 Using an underground pipeline to transport fuel and thereby eliminate barge traffic and road wear makes sense environmentally.

Spud Night a big success

 Baked potatoes with toppings were served with a salad and beverage. We hope many of you were able to attend and enjoyed being part of our neighborhood school. It was a very successful evening.

Late bill results in confusion, collection

 I won't get into some of the problems that I had with Medalia in 1996, but I thought I'd left them behind for good until yesterday when I received a letter from an agency called ARstrat (a collection agency?) for an undescribed charge of $75 for one of my children from Medalia Monroe.

The truth is what they refuse to see

 I believe the truth is the majority of people in our community understand the value of providing positive athletic events for our children to participate in or attend.

Read the fine print

 Someone should teach the folks continually pushing this bloated sports proposal that it's time to put our kids' education first.

Build now, tax later attitude is questionable

 The City of Lake Forest Park wants a new home. What they have now is apparently not good enough, so they have a plan to spend $6.1 million on a luxurious facility that will feature underground parking, multiple elevators, seven conference rooms and a spectacular lobby.

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