Northwest NEWS

October 12, 1998

Front Page

Parents respond to WASL results

 In Northshore, several parents interviewed expressed some initial disappointment with their children's scores, as well as the overall performance of their schools. However, there seemed to be a positive feeling about the test itself and the direction in which the district and state are headed with regard to standards and assessment.

Bledsoe speaks to Northshore School District

 His theme at Moorlands was "The ideas in your head will rule your world." Bledsoe also told students they have the right to choose their ideas and to judge others by who they are, not by what they look like.

Kenmore City Council approves ordinances

 Steve Anderson, Kenmore city manager, presented the 1999 preliminary budget. The projected property tax levy for city purposes is $1.60 per $1000 of assessed valuation; the projected Regional Library System levy is $.50 per $1000. The library levy will not be assessed in 1999 because of Kenmore's incorporation date of Aug. 31, 1998.

New reporter for Kenmore

 John Phelps, a 12-year resident of Kenmore, has been an active member of the community.