Northwest NEWS

October 12, 1998

Front Page

Taekwon Do builds fitness, self-esteem

 Bob Crouch could do double-duty as a drill sergeant. Using Marine-like commands, but spoken in Korean, he orders his Taekwon Do class to stand at attention. The students respond like good Marines should, with backs ramrod straight, waiting for the next command. It comes, and the students execute several quick martial arts moves. Have a look.

Mark Heyting loses battle with cancer

 On Oct. 3, after three weeks in intensive care at the University of Washington Medical Center, Mr. Heyting died. He was 51.

Community Network meets Oct. 20, seeks new members

 Based on prevalence data and local input, the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network has targeted the prevention of child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse and teen pregnancy as its focus for funding and voluntary action.

House pet attacked by bobcat inside Duvall city limits

 A house cat belonging to a resident of Taylor's Ridge was attacked by a bobcat in the resident's yard last week.