Northwest NEWS

October 12, 1998

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House pet attacked by bobcat inside Duvall city limits

   DUVALL--A house cat belonging to a resident of Taylor's Ridge was attacked by a bobcat in the resident's yard last week.
   Bob Smith, the owner of the cat, said he was able to frighten away the bobcat, which he said was about the size of "good size dog." The injured kitty was taken to a veterinarian, and is recovering.
   Smith said he had seen a bobcat in the area about two years ago, and says since the recent incident others have told him they saw it, too. Just before the attack on the cat, he said, he had noticed a lot of dead birds around his bird feeders.
   He said he is hoping for some help from a wildlife center located in Arlington.
   "I just want people to be aware the animal is around," he said. "It would be nice if it could be trapped and taken into a wilderness area."