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October 12, 1998

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City expected to recommend against auto lot suggestion

   by Woodinville Weekly staff
   WOODINVILLE--Woodinville staff is expected to recommend tonight (Oct. 12) that city property and a private lot near Woodinville High School not be used for student parking. Using the lots, which are on the northeast corner of the intersection of N.E. 195th St. and 136th Ave. N.E., sounded like a good idea when a company representative pitched the it last month. But a city report identifies zoning, surface water and cost issues that make it a complicated fix for WHS's parking problems. The report, to be presented to the City Council tonight, also points out in a not so direct way that parking is a non-conforming use of the auction's storage lot. What had been proposed was: Woodinville converts a 50-foot by 110-foot section of right-of way for parking and the auction allows high schoolers to park on their adjacent lot during weekdays. The suggestion came after the city implemented new parking restrictions around WHS, eliminating about two-dozen spaces for vehicles.
   The report finds that a zoning change would be required to allow parking on both the storage lot and city property. Currently, both are zoned R-6 and would have to be changed to General Commercial. The Comprehensive Plan designation would also have to be changed.
   The report also finds a "significant amount of improvements and, therefore, expense" would result from enclosing an open drainage in a pipe, filling land and bringing it up to code for a parking lot.
   "Although a cost estimate for these improvements is not available at this time, the cost would be significant enough to require an amendment to the city's Capital Improvement Plan," the report says.
   Deborah Knight, Woodinville interim public works director, said she is awaiting council direction on the task. She said if the council is interested in pursuing parking there, she would go to engineers and ask for specifics on costs.