Northwest NEWS

October 19, 1998


Voters' decision will affect the future of the Valley

   Riverview School District will be asked to make an important decision related to the future of the community in the Lower Snoqualmie Valley. We are asking voters to tax themselves for athletic fields to be used by our students as well as the Valley community. The estimated cost will be $76 per year for the average $200,000 home.
   The Board of Directors is sensitive to tax burdens and has committed to keep the total rate per $1,000 constant as the district grows.
   We are also committed to providing quality facilities for generations of children and community members. It's the board's belief that we've been open and forthright as to the needs and desires of the community.We will continue to do so with as little impact on taxes as possible.
   The Riverview School Board hopes you, as voters, will support the development of youth and community athletic facilities.
   Please vote your support on Nov. 3!
   Sue Lorack, Board President, Riverview School District Board of Directors