Northwest NEWS

October 19, 1998


Athletic fields are a matter of public responsibility

   Eighteen years ago this month my husband and I and our two-year old son moved to this Valley from 'over the hill.' Why? The cost of housing at the time was one reason. The other? This seemed like the place where we could set roots, raise a family, become involved. Our roots have grown deep. That two-year old is now a very highly motivated and responsible 20 year old attending college 1,500 miles away double majoring in civil and geological engineering. His younger brother is in high school, and we are very involved with the community, particularly the youth in our Valley.
   I was very honored to have been asked to serve on the Site Design Committee for the Riverview Fields/Athletic Bond representing the soccer community in our Valley. Youth football and youth baseball were represented as well as the high school athletic groups and administrators. The people that agreed to serve on this committee spent hours and hours of their time instructing, encouraging, motivating, celebrating, commiserating, believing in and helping our youth achieve their goals. I am asking you to help too, by voting yes in November.
   How many of you out there have children that are in school or will start school in the next few years? How many of you think you will still be here in 10, 15, 20 years? What do you want for your children when they finally reach their high school years? I ask these questions of you because I never asked them of myself when our sons were little. I did not look ahead, and then, all of a sudden it seems, it was graduation day. This bond issue is for your children.
   I am not voting yes because I have children in this district; I don't.
   I am not voting yes because I am very involved in a local sports organization and know how desperately these facilities are needed. Children are being turned away.
   I am voting yes because it is time to complete the high school. Physical exercise classes and school athletics are a very important part of a student's total education and, for some, the one area in which they can shine.
   I am voting yes because when I was a student someone out there voted 'yes' to give me opportunities. It didn't matter whether there was anything in it for them.
   I am voting yes because to me it is a public responsibility issue. We, the public, have a responsibility to the youth of our communities to provide them with a facility that is safe for their needs, one they can all be proud of to perform in and have competitors visit.
   We all make choices every day about what we spend our hard earned dollars on. What better choice can you make than to choose in favor of our youth. Let's finish what was started when Cedarcrest, the building, was built. It is time to complete the campus.
   Santa Krieble, Carnation