Northwest NEWS

October 19, 1998


Letters to the Editor

What is it going to be, phony choices or the truth?

 If there is no other land left for sports fields but agricultural land, then we are in far more trouble than we realize.

Perhaps it is 'our' property now

 When did I grant jurisdiction of my backyard to the city? Perhaps it isn't even my property any more. Perhaps it is our property now - beautiful, prosperous, planned, bustling, profitable, taxed and regulated to a state of perfect peace - not unlike that which Marsha will have under her tombstone around the time when Woodinville is again considered 'old growth.'

We all benefit from urban fringe agriculture

 The Sammamish Valley has been farmed as long as it has been settled with truck farms growing berries, vegetables, and flowers, and with nurseries, sod farms and dairies, many of which continue to flourish. It makes sense that such perishable products would be grown near urban centers and markets. This is not an aberration but a logical and historically successful land use.

Pipeline failure is unacceptable risk

 I am not impressed by the so-called state-of-the-art pipeline technology, especially when it guarantees 100% chance of pipeline failure by 30 years.

Voters' decision will affect the future of the Valley

 The Riverview School Board hopes you, as voters, will support the development of youth and community athletic facilities.

Educational needs should be considered

 Trying to regain voters' confidence that the school district is spending their tax dollars wisely will take a positive track record and good communication, neither of which has happened to date.

Athletic fields are a matter of public responsibility

 I am voting yes because it is time to complete the high school. Physical exercise classes and school athletics are a very important part of a student's total education and, for some, the one area in which they can shine.

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