Northwest NEWS

October 19, 1998

Local News

Kenmore man arrested for bank robberies

  He was an enigma, a calm, collected fellow in sunglasses and baseball cap who robbed banks about once a week this summer.

Police Beat

  A suspect at the Kenmore Safeway showed a supervisor a gun and demanded to be taken to where the money was kept, then ordered the supervisor to fill a bag and let him out a fire door where he walked past an employee on break. Police were unable to locate suspect.

Open houses to address SR 522 changes

  The State Department of Transportation--Office of Urban Mobility is recommending a raised and landscaped median on State Route 522 in parts of Kenmore and Bothell. Learn about this and other proposals to improve the safety of the busy route running from Bothell through Seattle.

Woodinville council protects trees

 Councilwoman Marsha Engel said there has been "wonderful and surprising community support for this ordinance." She said that Redmond is looking at a similar plan.

Woodinview affordable housing project to begin

  Planned are 170 units for a variety of ages and income levels on a 22-acre site at 144th Ave. N.E. and the North Bypass. The final proposal calls for 50 units of senior housing, 50 units of family rental, and 70 units for sale at prices between $96,000 and $199,000.

The November 3 ballot

  Meet the 44th Congressional District candidates.

News Briefs

  They came to the aid of a child who had fallen onto I-5, dove into rivers to save drowning people or performed CPR on heart attack victims, and Oct. 29-30 these heroes will be honored in Spokane for their courageous actions.

Forum on Tributary 90 Stream Enhancement

  Special guests include King County Executive Ron Sims; Woodinville Mayor Don Brocha; King County Councilmember Louise Miller and other representatives.

Local merchants support Children's Country Home

  In a show of community support some Woodinville shop and restaurant owners are donating a portion of sales to the Children's Country Home of Woodinville.

Northshore Recreation classes

  Can we interest you in drop-in basketball, badminton or volleyball?

Volunteers needed for Daffodil Days

  The event takes place in the spring, and raises money for cancer research, health education, patient advocacy and patient services.


  These local residents are to be commended.

Direct Deposit available

  Recipients of Social Security and other government programs can sign up for Direct Deposit and have their checks deposited into their bank accounts.

Flu season is just around the corner

  This year's flu vaccine includes protection against A/Beijing, A/Sydney and B/Beijing viral strains. Health officials have determined these are the strains most likely to be causing influenza in the U.S. this year. You need a flu shot every year because the vaccine is different every year, so it can include the strains of influenza that are likely to cause influenza during the flu season.

Snohomish County sets aside money for land buys

  Exactly $1 million in Conservation Futures, collected through property taxes, would go to buy a 790-acre property in south Snohomish County between Crystal and Paradise Lakes in the headwaters of Bear Creek. Read about other purchases.


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