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October 19, 1998

Local News

Woodinview affordable housing project to begin

   A proposal has been chosen and ground work on the Woodinview affordable housing project should begin sometime next year, according to King County officials.
   Planned are 170 units for a variety of ages and income levels on a 22-acre site at 144th Ave. N.E. and the North Bypass. The final proposal from Downtown Action to Save Housing, Cam West and Shelter Resources Inc., calls for 50 units of senior housing, 50 units of family rental, and 70 units for sale at prices between $96,000 and $199,000.
   Betsy Czark, Woodinview project manager, said she expected units at those prices to be gobbled up "very quickly."
   Czark, who is also a county housing planner, said those hoping to buy a home at Woodinview have three choices: 1-2 bedroom cottages of up to 1,000 square feet, 2-3 bedroom detached housing running up to $150,000 apiece, and detached, 2-3 bedroom town homes which will list at $199,900.
   Seniors will pay $443 to $531 a month to live in one or two bedroom apartments, respectively.
   They would also enjoy a greenhouse, gardening beds and closer access to Metro buses. There will also be a park for all residents as well as a community center.
   The $22 million project is a joint effort between the City of Woodinville, which waived permit fees for the affordable housing, King County and A Regional Coalition for Housing. It will help Woodinville attempt to meet affordable housing goals.
   Czark expected construction on senior and ownership buildings to begin next fall, with the former being ready for occupancy by Spring of 2000 and the family rentals by fall of the same year.
   She estimated about 435 people would live there if all rooms were filled.