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October 19, 1998

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Compiled by Woodinville Weekly staff

Heroes recognized

OLYMPIA--They came to the aid of a child who had fallen onto I-5, dove into rivers to save drowning people or performed CPR on heart attack victims, and Oct. 29-30 they will be honored in Spokane for their courageous actions.
   Among the 26 who will be recognized is Richard Winterton of Bothell who rescued Annette Zimmer of Oak Harbor from a burning van on I-405 last February.
   Winterton, a Boeing electronics technician, was just ahead of a fatal accident that occurred during heavy afternoon traffic Feb. 17.
   Pulling over, he raced back to the van which was sandwiched between two semis.
   Learning that there were people inside, he smashed a window, looked inside, saw a hand moving, grabbed it and pulled Zimmer to safety.
   Other heroes include Jason Koziol of Moses Lake who jumped into wind-whipped waters to rescue a woman in danger of being swept over a dam near Vantage, Dale Mackie of south King County who leapt into a sand hopper to rescue a co-worker who had been trapped inside, and Cheryl Stein of Shelton who aided a motorist whose vehicle had rolled over.
   "I can't imagine a more noble act than saving the life of a fellow human being, whether it be the selfless putting of one's self in harm's way or the sure and certain application of critical first-aid treatment in stressful circumstances," said state Labor and Industries Director Gary Moore.

Mountain pass reports available

OLYMPIA--Mountain pass reports are now available free of charge by calling a state Department of Transportation hotline or checking out their web site.
   Anyone planning to travel across the Cascades, or to local ski areas can call(206) 368-4499 in the greater Seattle area, or 1-888-766-4636 statewide to receive information on highway conditions.
   The pass report updates conditions on Snoqualmie (I-90), Stevens (US 2), Blewett (US 97), White (US 12), Sherman (SR 20), Satus (US 97), Chinook (SR 410), and Cayuse Passes (SR 123), and the Mt. Baker, North Cascades and Crystal Mountain Highways.
   It is updated at least six times a day and operates Oct. 15 through April 15.
   On the Internet, reports are on the WashDOT home page at and includes video snapshots of Snoqualmie and Stevens Passes.
   In addition, the state offers winter driving tips, such as don't use cruise control on icy roads, carry chains and warm clothing at all times, remember that road surfaces on bridges and under overpasses are slicker, and road closures may increase traffic on alternate routes.
   Studded tires are legal to use Nov. 1.