Northwest NEWS

October 26, 1998


Private landowners forced into evasive action

   But of course there has been wonderful and surprising community support for the ordinance that permits only five trees over 8" in diameter to be cut by a Woodinville landowner over a 12-month period.
   Five trees per year are more than enough for someone's yard; so sure, support a blanket restriction on others more affected.
   Those others who own excess wooded land that eventually will be developed, if only because high urban-area taxes will force the issue, should start immediately with a 5-trees-per-year cutting program.
   Figure where future buildings should be located and start there.
   It's government regulators who force private landowners into evasive actions. In this instance trees may be cut that otherwise would have many years remaining to provide environmental enhancement.
   Maxine Keesling, Woodinville