Northwest NEWS

November 2, 1998


Letters to the Editor

A thank you for Pioneer Days

 Kids and adults of all ages enjoyed the experience of gold panning, working with a blacksmith, talking about pioneer survival techniques with a mountain man and learning about the hard-working lifestyle of the pioneers.

A goldfish would have trouble floating there

 If these local projects are typical of how millions of dollars of salmon habitat restoration funding will be spent, we'll have empty pockets and empty streams where it really matters to the chinook salmon.

Recreation or Rutabagas?

 What is it going to be? Faux farmland or forward looking thoughtful policies that benefit people. Cabbage or Kids???

Who declared the Valley the soccer capitol of the Northwest?

 The overcrowding stems not from local players, but from players who have no facilities in their communities and come here to play. It makes sense to disperse future athletic field development to these other communities so that those players can play closer to their homes, rather than drive across the county during rush hour.

Editorial Opinion: Stop! Red light means stop; green light means go

 Why do we speed? We consider our own time valuable and not worthy of sitting in traffic. We want to provide more quality time or have more free time for ourselves.But consider Sandra Melendrez's case: wasn't another human's life more valuable than our own stupid haste?

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