Northwest NEWS

November 9, 1998


Thanks to fine employees, family made it home

   The owner of Woodinville's Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change should be confident and secure in knowing the people he employs are conscientious and customer service oriented. In particular, we wish to thank Murray and Julio.
   Our family had recently acquired an older vehicle and I wanted to have the oil changed in it as soon as possible, so we went to Pennzoil. Not having owned the vehicle very long, we were not yet familiar with the car's overall reliability.
   The problem was the vehicle wouldn't start after completion of the oil change and service.
   Several of the employees attempted to jump- start the car, but to no avail. Murray thought it might be a bad battery cable or connection, or solenoid. As it was past closing time, we pushed the car out of the bay and parked it in front of your store.
   I theorized that by perhaps replacing the negative cable the car would maybe start. I walked to Schuck's Auto Supply and obtained a new cable, crescent wrench and flashlight. After attempting to repair the vehicle myself I was hindered by not being able to loosen the bolt on the engine block in an effort to remove the old cable. It was at this time, I once again needed the employees' assistance. I asked Murray if he would let me borrow a socket wrench.
   I particularly want to thank Murray and Julio for their time and effort in helping get our car started. Murray allowed us to borrow a socket wrench, and with Julio's able assistance, helped me remove and replace the negative battery cable.
   With the cable replaced, the vehicle almost started, but still would not quite turn over. Murray then suggested we replace our car's battery with a used, but good battery he had in his truck. After installing Murray's battery, our vehicle started right up!
   Our family offered to pay Murray for the battery and the assistance he and Julio had given to us which they graciously denied accepting.
   Please note that the example set by both Murray and Julio is what separates your business from others whose employees do not go out of their way to help a customer.
   It's refreshing to know there are still people who care about the needs of others despite the limited personal time and fast-paced changes we all experience.
   Again, my wife, son and myself want you to make a special note of Murray and Julio's valuable contribution of time and able assistance.
   We made it home okay, thanks to them.
   Juan C. Diaz, Woodinville