Northwest NEWS

November 9, 1998


Response from a soccer parent for the past 18 years

   In response to the Mr. Tanksley's letter regarding soccer fields. I would love to see him become more than just the parent of a player in Northshore Soccer.
   There are many opportunities to volunteer your time. The association is always in need of field schedulers. The field scheduler is the person who finds available fields and schedules them for practices and games.
   For the use of local fields Northshore has to compete not only with adult leagues from inside and outside of the area, but high schools, junior highs and elementary school programs. In the spring and part of the summer, they also have to compete with Little League and adult softball and baseball teams from both in and out of the area.
   Northshore has control of only one field and that is in Kenmore. They are allowed to use other fields at the discretion of other groups such as the school district, city, county or parks department.
   They also have to deal with the weather. Many fields are unusable part of the year because of drainage.
   The field in Kenmore is one of these fields.
   If given a choice between fields that may some time in the future be used for farming of some kind, or having them used for our youth, I choose our youth.
   Crime goes down in groups that have children involved in sports.
   For young girls, it has been proven that if they are involved in sports, they are more likely to stay in school, use less drugs and alcohol, and pregnancy is down.
   No matter what information comes out to show us that if our young people are kept busy, everyone benefits, there are still those that refuse to understand.
   We keep saying our youth is becoming overweight and unhealthy from not being outside. Instead they continue to sit in front of a TV or computer.
   Yes, they do not have to be in soccer, but I can't think of a better sport that allows children at all levels to participate.
   If you were met with people at a meeting that did not do a good job representing the Soccer Association, I am sorry.
   The majority of people involved with Northshore Youth Soccer Association (NYSA) are there for the good of the children. There are currently over 6,000 children in NYSA.
   We have very few players from outside the area. Northshore is not trying to become the soccer capital of Western Washington. But they are trying to provide a quality program for every child and to do that they need a place for them to play.
   If you are under the impression there are enough sports fields in the area, then you don't have the correct information.
   Kathy Gordon, Woodinville