Northwest NEWS

November 9, 1998


YMCA is Valley's best kept secret

   Northshore YMCA's presence in Carnation/Duvall may be the Valley's best kept secret. There is so much talk about the lack of youth programs that it would seem most folks don't know about what has been going on here for over two years. After taking a survey, the YMCA has worked with cooperation from the Riverview School District to bring a great variety of programs to the lower Valley such as daycare at Carnation Elementary. For ages 4-8 there has been indoor soccer, T-ball, baseball and basketball.
   Teens in grades 6-12 have participated in monthly Teen Nights at the Northshore Y, Teen Frenzies that included Funtasia, Whirleyball, ice skating and bowling, Teen Night at Tolt, as well as day and over night trips like river rafting, indoor rock climbing, camping, trips to downtown Seattle and surfing in San Diego. Some programs are based at Northshore YMCA, and some are exclusive to the Valley. Transportation is provided by YMCA from the Valley for most teen programs.
   We also have leadership and community service programs at the high school level. Our longest running and most popular program has been open gym (basketball) at Cedarcrest High School. We have also expanded seasonally to offer drop-in soccer and volleyball.
   Open gym is typically two nights a week for all ages.
   We have had attendance of over 70 in a night including families and younger teens from 7-8:30 and adults from 8:30-10 p.m. Thanks to all the volunteers who have been a part of this success.
   Northshore YMCA has committed time, staff and resources to make these programs happen. We asked for help with youth programs in Duvall/Carnation and they responded. Riverview School District has supported us with facilities.
   We don't need to do studies or have meetings. We need those of you who are concerned about youth activities to get involved.
   If you have a program idea, we want to hear it. If you have an extra three or four hours a month (yes, that's all!) we need your help. Volunteers are critical to the continued success of these programs. Working with kids and teens is fun!
   For updated information about current programs call the Carnation/Duvall YMCA Hotline at 844-YMCA (9622).
   For other information or to volunteer, call Chris Bellecourt at 425-485-9797 at the YMCA, or Kass Holdeman at 425-788-9473.
   Kass Holdeman, Chairman, Northshore YMCA Carnation/Duvall Advisory Board