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November 9, 1998

Local News

Elderly man bilked out of $5K

   by Woodinville Weekly staff
   KENMORE--A 78-year-old Kenmore man was bilked out of $5,000 by a man posing as a state safety inspector last week.
   Police are now looking for Red Hawk, a 25-year-old Native American, who they wish to question about the case.
   According to the King County Sheriff's Office, the victim was pulled over on Bothell Way in Kenmore at about 3 p.m. Oct. 30 after being followed by a car with flashing headlights. The driver of the second car claimed to be a safety inspector and told the victim his rear wheel was defective, going on to say he would have to impound the car.
   Instead, the suspect offered to help the victim repair the car and talked him into going for a ride during which the suspect said he needed money as a rental deposit on the tools necessary to fix the car, police say.
   The victim withdrew $5,000 using his credit card and gave it to the man. Expected to rendezvous at the victim's home, the suspect never arrived, police say.
   Police "want to talk" with Red Hawk, who they describe as 5'7", 175 pounds, brown or black-haired with brown eyes. He also goes by the name Danny Hawk and Randy Ray. Hawk has a warrant out for his arrest for a prior first-degree theft charge. Anyone with information on Hawk's whereabouts can call the Sheriff's office at (206) 296-3311, or 911. Anyone who has been a victim of this scam should call Detective Mike Klokow at (206) 296-4247.
   Police say that there are no safety inspectors prowling the streets and highways of the state stopping private cars. While drivers must pull over for marked police cars, the King County Sheriff's office says if an unmarked car tries to do so, and the driver isn't sure it's really a police car, drive slowly to the next well-lighted area where other people are around, such as a supermarket, convenience store or gas station.