Northwest NEWS

November 9, 1998

Local News

Police Beat


   Woodinville Police Beat compiled by Andrew Walgamott
   Nov. 6: Broken down and hungry, a 26-year-old Renton man allegedly stole a pack of Camel cigarettes from Albertsons. An employee watched him place the pack inside a pocket and then leave without paying. He was arrested for shoplifting.
   Oct. 31: Police are calling it a case of highway robbery: a 12-year-old Woodinville boy had his purple pillow case full of Halloween candy stolen by another as he walked home on 163rd Ave. N.E. The suspect, a 6', 14-16 year-old white male, struck the victim over the head three times with something similar to a police baton before making off with the candy.
   Oct. 30: An unknown suspect blew up a mailbox in the 17900 block of 164th Ave. N.E. A dark-colored Ford Ranger pickup was seen driving rapidly away from the scene.
   Oct. 28: Computer equipment worth $5,800 was taken from a 1997 Dodge Dakota parked at the QFC parking lot.
   Oct. 26: Police confiscated fireworks from a 23-year-old Kirkland man after he was seen leaving an area where a loud explosion had just occurred. A search of his vehicle turned up three packs of bottle rockets, nine M-80s and one M-250.


   Kenmore Police Beat compiled by John Phelps
   Nov. 3: A seventeen year old male returned to his uncle's home in the 318800 block of 68th NE the day after he was told to move out. He began arguing, refused to leave and started punching his uncle who had recently been hospitalized for kidney stones.
   Following a call to 911, police arrested the nephew and booked him into the youth center.
   A follow up revealed that the uncle was taken to Northwest Hospital for possible brain injury, black eye, dislocated jaw, and has one functioning kidney. He is now at home on pain medication.