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November 9, 1998

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Check your e-mail for road conditions

   SEATTLE--King County Executive Ron Sims unveiled a new e-mail service last week that will alert county residents of road problems or changes in their bus routes due to bad weather and other major traffic disruptions.
   "King County Alert" will allow bus riders and motorists with e-mail to better plan their commutes when storms or other unplanned events force buses to be rerouted or disrupt travel on roads served by the county.
   "Until now, we've had no real tools to directly reach out and alert our customers of travel disruptions," said Sims in a press release.
   Residents can sign up for the free service, available today, Nov. 9, by visiting Information about road closures and hazardous travel conditions in unincorporated King County and the cities of Woodinville, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, Covington, Maple Valley, SeaTac and Burien. Transit users will be e-mailed information about weather-related route changes. Data will be updated as conditions warrant.
   The service may be expanded next year to alert residents of planned road closures in areas served by the county.

Truck from Kenmore fatality recovered

   KENMORE--A truck involved in the hit and run accident which killed Sandra Melendrez in Kenmore last month was recovered in Seattle.
   Police say the light-colored Ford 4X4 was stolen from a Bellevue auto dealer three days before the accident. Found inside was alcohol and drug paraphernalia. Police were dusting for fingerprints.
   The truck was found on a Salvation Army lot off of Greenwood Avenue in Seattle, according to Lt. Steve McCulley, Washington State Patrol. A tow truck driver called to take it away realized it might be the truck police were looking for, he said.
   Police believe the suspect to be a drug user. He is described as a white male with sandy-colored hair.

Recycling events yearly success

   WOODINVILLE--Over 435,000 pounds of scrap metal, yard waste, cardboard and other household waste has been collected over the past five years from Woodinville's annual recycling collection event.
   Since 1994, the city has collected 99,450 pounds of scrap metal and appliances, 203,450 pounds of yard debris and scrap wood, 46,500 pounds of reusable household goods, 3.075 gallons of used motor oil and other petroleum based products, 340 gallons of anti-freeze, 1,644 tires, 429 lead acid batteries, 1,889 pounds of cardboard and 20 bicycles.
   That's about 220 tons of junk, but the city wants to know if there are other items you'd like to drop off. "There are other things we could collect if we had more input," said Keri Morin, recycling coordinator.
   If you have any ideas, contact her at 489-2700.
   The event is designed to recycle materials not collected at the curbside. Over 1,500 city households have participated over the years. The event is usually held in October.

Meeting on motel/hotel tax

   BOTHELL--The City of Bothell's Lodging Tax Advisory Committee will hold a meeting Nov. 17 to describe the proposed hotel/motel tax within the city limits and take public comment.
   The state authorized cities to consider an excise tax on lodging. Bothell could collect two percent in the Snohomish County half of the city and one percent in King County. In King County, it would represent a one percent increase in room rates.
   The city can use the tax to support tourism and economic development in the community. Based on the current number of lodging places, the city says it could collect $50,000 a year, and factoring in those being built and/or considered, could raise revenues to $100,000.
   The meeting will be held at City Hall in Council Chambers from 6 to 9 p.m. City Hall is located at 18305 101st St. N.E. The committee will make a recomendation to the City Council in December.