Northwest NEWS

November 9, 1998

Front Page

Junk cars, parking, flowers and birds dominate Kenmore meeting

   by John Phelps
   At the Nov. 2 Kenmore City Council meeting Jerry Crippes, a long time Kenmore resident, objected to the new junk car law stating it was not well thought out and that it could prevent residents from rebuilding cars as a hobby. He urged caution.
   The ordinance relating to overnight parking in residential areas, avoidance of intersections, parking next to mail boxes, inattentive driving and prohibited conduct on transit property was passed as amended. Parking commercial vehicles overnight in residential areas is prohibited for vehicles over one ton gross vehicle weight.
   Also at the meeting, a proclamation designating the dahlia as Kenmore's official flower, the rhododendron as the official evergreen and the blue heron as the official bird was proposed by Mayor Jack Crawford. Councilman Dick Taylor objected to the process because more people were not involved. He proposed waiting for more input and having some fun with the process. He thought area children should be given the opportunity to participate. Debra Chase stated that the matter of identifying Kenmore should be generated by the residents and should not be council driven. The motion passed on a 4 to 3 split vote. Council members Taylor, Chase, and Davidson voted no.
   A public hearing was scheduled for 7:15 p.m. on Monday, Dec 7 for the discussion of the proposed zoning code and subdivision regulation amendments that would require zoning permits for commercial site development, home businesses and industries, accessory dwelling units, changes of use or additions to a conforming structure, or changes in ownership or operation of non-conforming structures.
   Discussion at the Dec. 7 meeting will also address the length of temporary use permits; density calculations for dwelling units, lots or floor area ; conditional use permits for bed and breakfast inns; and the limiting of short subdivision to a maximum of four lots.
   A presentation on the proposed six-year transportation program was made by Steve Lewis of Butcher, Willis, & Ratliff, Kenmore's consultant traffic engineers.
   City Manager, Steve Anderson presented the September financial statements.
   The City Council then went into executive session to discuss real estate matters.