Northwest NEWS

November 9, 1998

Front Page

Carnation still studying police options

   by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor

   CARNATION--Further contract discussions will take place this week with the city and King County for police services, according to Mayor Dave Hunter.
   A committee of five, which includes Councilmember Stuart Lisk of the Public Health and Safety Committee, the financial director, mayor, Councilmember Don Raybuck and Chuck Krieble, is developing a "wants and needs" list in preparation for the meeting with the county, Hunter said.
   "We are trying now to define our needs and get the best financial package with the county," he said.
   But in "another twist," Hunter said, Councilmember Lisk asked the city last Tuesday that he (Lisk), the finance director and Acting Chief D.J. Nesel review the current police operations budget to look at the city using its own department.
   Hunter said the goal is that the committees come back with their recommendations by the Dec. 1 council meeting.
   "The council needs to make a decision before approving the budget," he said. "My own recommendation is that the county is the best overall option."
   He said that if the city contracts with the county the results would be similar to what is occurring now. The city would have the same officers with the same uniforms, the only difference being they would wear a King County Sheriff's badge and be paid by the county.
   He said that officers in the department are taking advantage of training offered by King County.
   "Officer Scott Allen is going through field training and another officer will start soon," he said.
   Hunter added that Nesel has shown an interest in continuing as "city chief" of the department if it were contracted out, although he would need to go through the interview process.
   Hunter said $320,000 is being budgeted next year for police coverage.
   The mayor also noted that the public can meet the finalists for city administrator at an open house on Friday at City Hall from 4:30-6 p.m.