Northwest NEWS

November 9, 1998

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Tested, interviewed, city manager finalists await Council's decision

   by Woodinville Weekly staff
   WOODINVILLE--Candidates for Woodinville city manager underwent intensive testing, interviewing and hand-shaking last week, and now await the City Council's decision on which of them will take the city's top staff post. An announcement is expected sometime this week.
   The four men who would be city manager for this town of 10,000 - Ken Carter, Pete Rose, Allyn Waggle and Rick Kirkwood - began filtering into the area last Tuesday, though Kirkwood lives on the border of Woodinville and Bothell and didn't have far to go.
   Collectively the four finalists have almost 80 years experience in municipal government and city management. Still, the City Council had them undergo psychological testing. Gary Hulbert, the consultant who has put together the finalists, termed the test "an overall predictor," and said the test evaluated management skills, leadership abilities, and how details are dealt with. He said traits identified in the test usually turned up in that person's job.
   Carter called the test a "humdinger." Carter is Prosser, Washington's city manager; Rose is Medical Lake's manager; Kirkwood, who started up a private consulting firm named Kirkwood Executive Services, was Bothell's manager for three years until last June; Waggle is Associate Director of the Coachella Valley Association of Governments east of Los Angeles.
   On Wednesday, the hopefuls got a good look at public works projects Woodinville has planned for the next several years. Also, they attended a Planning Commission meeting.
   Thursday, they met with city Department Directors as well as the city attorneys, and went to a Block Watch meeting. On Friday, the candidates met city staff, the council as well as members of the community at a reception at Redhook Brewery.
   The council interviewed the candidate at length Saturday. Next, the council is scheduled to have Executive Session tonight (Nov. 9). Councilwoman Marsha Engel said if a decision isn't reached then, there may be more meetings during the week.