Northwest NEWS

November 16, 1998


Turn out for replanting was amazing

   Looking up from my planting, I saw on the up-river bank what seemed to be an army of people. They were all digging and carrying and planting native plants and bushes as I was. I looked up at the rest of the Wilmot Park, and there too were hundreds of people planting the planter boxes and cleaning the sidewalks. The scene was nothing short of amazing.
   Over 550 volunteers showed up on Oct. 14 to help plant Wilmot Park and to take part in the Sammamish Re-Leaf project. With so much help we planted about 6,000 plants in a little under two hours. It was moving and gratifying to see so many individuals, families and companies working together to make Woodinville and the Sammamish River a little greener.
   Thanks to all the many volunteers who took their time that Saturday to help and to our hard working city staff that spent so much effort to make it happen.
   Mayor Don Brocha, Woodinville