Northwest NEWS

November 16, 1998


Another definition of legacy

   Regarding the response to my letter calling for the preservation of farming in King County, the letter writer may find that making a point is more persuasive if the facts are correct.
   Contrary to the letter's claim, none of the local area I mentioned is designated as urban. I referred to the 3% of King County that is reserved for agriculture. In the Sammamish Valley that only refers to the Agricultural Production District (APD), all of which lies in rural King County. This invalidates the argument about the inevitability of the paving of these farmlands.
   Most of the land to the north, south and east of the APD is designated urban. I happen to agree that those urban areas can be proud of leaving a legacy of livable housing and thriving businesses, but I wasn't talking about urban areas.
   About the term legacy, my dictionary defines "legacy" as "anything handed down from the past." Maybe if more people cared about legacies there wouldn't be so many of us stuck in rush hour traffic. I am glad to see the letter writer accepts that all urban areas must accept growth (all cities are automatically "urban" under the Growth Management Act he mentioned).
   Back when work was being done on incorporation I believed cities would have to accept the kind of urban development that is now being advocated.
   Steven Gallagher, Woodinville