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November 16, 1998

Local News

City seeks comment on park art

by Woodinville Weekly staff

   WOODINVILLE--A series of steel bubbles rising 20-feet into the sky; two blocks of basalt the sizes of small file cabinets, one polished to a glassy finish and the other with a hole drilled in the middle; and an arch replete with Milky Way-like swirls.
   They may look like play things spilled from some giant's toy chest, but they could be the beginning of art in Woodinville's parks and streets.
   But before the city goes out and buys up other such large sculptures or invites artists to display their work in city parks and trails, the Woodinville Parks and Recreation Commission is developing criteria for a public art program and wants to know what you think.
   "What belongs here? What would be fun to look at?" Lane Youngblood Woodinville Parks Director asks.
   The three sculptures described above are on loan and can be seen at Woodin Creek Park which is at 13301 N.E. 171st St.
   "Bubble Launch" was created by James Pridgeon of Seattle, "Celestial Arch" by Robert Harrison of Helena, Montana, and "Touchstones" by Will Robins of Bremerton.
   Comments can be mailed to Youngblood at City Hall, 13203 N.E. 175th St., phoned in to 489-2700 ext. 246, or e-mailed to