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November 16, 1998

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Donated toys help police comfort kids


Photo courtesy Sammamish Valley Grange

Deputy Stan Seo of the King County Sheriff's Office and Evelyn Kammerer, Sammamish Valley Grange lecturer, with a number of stuffed animals that local police will hand out to children affected by accidents or crime.

   by Woodinville Weekly staff
   WOODINVILLE--Thanks to the Sammamish Valley Grange, Woodinville police officers once again have a battalion of stuffed bears, bunnies and kitty cats ready to hand out to children involved in accidents or who are victims of crimes.
   The Grange collected and purchased a number of the animals, then donated them to police last month at a time when the department was down to its last doll.
   Already, they've taken up positions. Along with the fingerprinting equipment, flares, radio transceivers and assorted police gear in Sgt. Clint Olson's car, there are about a dozen stuffed toys that ride with him as well.
   Olson says not only will a toy give a child something to focus on after accidents or incidents of domestic violence, but police also make a friend for life. "It gives them a sense of security," Olson said.
   Stuffed animals also decorate the walls of Woodinville's police station, waiting for the chance to go out on duty and be given away.
   In addition to a certificate of appreciation from the Woodinville City Council, the council and city staff gave members of the Grange a standing ovation during a brief ceremony last week.
   Last year, the Grange donated to the fire district.