Northwest NEWS

November 16, 1998

Front Page

Little made public about Bothell city manager finalists

   by Andrew Walgamott
   Staff reporter

   BOTHELL--There was little information about the candidates for Bothell city manager last week, but this much was known: all four finalists were men, they were either city managers or assistant city managers with significant experience in large organizations, and they were from Washington and other states.
   That's about all Dawn MacNabb, vice president of Waldron and Company, would say last Thursday. Waldron is conducting Bothell's search for a new city manager.
   And don't expect to find out much more about anyone besides the finalist. MacNabb said it was likely only the name of the man the council chooses will be made public to protect the others.
   She did add that the group had "sterling capabilities," adding the council faced "a tough choice, which is what we like."
   Those who do know who the candidates are, though, include an advisory committee of seven Bothell boardmembers, business people and residents who met the group last Friday, as well as city department heads.
   The City Council had an all-day meeting with the finalists last Saturday, then were provided input by the committee.
   The council was scheduled to make a decision tonight (Nov. 16), though Mayor Debbie Treen ventured a safe "possibly" when asked if a new manager would be named at their meeting.
   MacNabb said about 100 men and women applied for the position made vacant by former manager Rick Kirkwood's leaving. The field was narrowed to five recently, though one of those withdrew, according to Treen.
   The limited disclosure of information in Bothell contrasts starkly with what's occurred in Woodinville where Hulbert and Associates of Snohomish announced who the five finalists for that city's top post were in mid-October. Earlier this month, candidates were brought to town and attended a number of public functions, including an open house, planning commission and block watch meetings, then met with members of the community before being interviewed by the Woodinville City Council in private. Woodinville officials say it is likely a new city boss will be picked tonight. Incidentally, Kirkwood is one of the finalists.
   MacNabb said that Bothell candidates hadn't been willing to release their names. "Communities get antsy when one of their primary people looks beyond them," she said.