Northwest NEWS

November 23, 1998


Duvall has demonstrated its readiness for more performing arts

Recently, I worked with the Duvall Arts Commission to bring two presentations to Cedarcrest High School under the auspices of the King County Performance Network. The Network is designed to bring the performing arts to suburban areas of King County so that local audiences may enjoy them without having to drive into Seattle.

   Duvall's audiences responded with open-mindedness and enthusiasm. They demonstrated that not only is this community ready for this kind of experience, but also that they want more.

   Standing on the sidelines or sitting among the audience, I was proud and heartened by the way they made the performers feel welcome and appreciated. The artists responded in kind by delivering their best efforts. Both Spectrum Dance Theater and UMO were impressed by the interest expressed by the audiences during the question and answer sessions that followed each show.

   I want to thank everyone who made these events such successes, especially the people who came to see the shows. Duvall has made a lasting impression on two performing arts companies, one which they will share with other groups that may consider Duvall on their next tour.

Carolyn Butler, Duvall Arts Commissioner