Northwest NEWS

November 23, 1998

Local News

Police Beat


   Nov. 16: A 33-year-old transient who had a triple cheeseburger with fries and coffee, then left without paying the previous day, came back the next and ordered coffee. Police arrived, and while the suspect had $20.60 in cash on him, he refused to pay for the meal. He was transported to the King County Jail for third degree theft.
   Someone entered a utility room of a business complex in the 17300 block of 140th Ave. NE, and took a drill, cord, hose, pressure washer, and attachments. A key to the room had been mailed to Puget Power, but only the envelope was received.
   An unknown liquid substance was poured over several computer terminals, desks, and papers at a business in the 15900 block of Woodinville-Redmond Rd. Loss was estimated at $990. There was no sign of forced entry.
   A 26-year-old Monroe woman driving a 1989 Ford Mustang eastbound on SR-522 was tailgated by a suspect in a 1991 Honda Civic. The woman tapped her brakes to tell the tailgater to back off, but was followed when she exited into Woodinville. Stopped at the intersection of NE 177th Pl. and 131st Ave. NE, the woman heard something hitting the back of her car and the other driver's arm waving as if things were being thrown. When the traffic signal turned green, both parties went their separate ways. Later, the woman found pennies near her trunk.

   Nov. 17: A 37-year-old Bothell man was observed allegedly taking batteries and a t-shirt into the bathroom of Albertsons, then coming out without them. After leaving without paying for the items, a store employee confronted the man and recovered the merchandise, worth roughly $25.
   Pry-type marks on a door were found at a business in the 17400 block of 139th Ave. NE. No entry was gained. Three weeks earlier, file cabinets and toolboxes were rifled through there.

   Nov. 18: A Seattle man left the doors of his 1985 Volkswagen GTI unlocked and the keys inside when he went into the downtown AM/PM for a purchase. When he came back, the car was gone.
   The gate chain at Del's Truck Rental in the 19500 block of Woodinville-Snohomish Road was cut, though nothing was disturbed.