Northwest NEWS

November 23, 1998

Front Page

Kenmore presents first city budget

by John Phelps

   The first Kenmore city budget of $10 million was presented at the Nov. 16 City Council meeting.

   The council also fixed the amount of tax levies necessary to support the estimated expenses at $1.60 per thousand of asessed value for the city and $.50 for the Library District totaling $2.10, which is the same amount residents are currently paying. The county tax rate is $1.74. The net effect is that Kenmore will pay a lower total rate in 1999.

   An ordinance establishing a movie theater admissions tax passed.

   A resolution authorizing a temporary annexation of Kenmore to Fire District Number 41 until Dec. 31, 1999 was also passed. This will solve the problem of 13 residences and Saint Edwards Park that are not in Fire District 16.

   In further action, a resolution to Sound Transit objecting to reducing the proposed level of service to Kenmore was passed. (See accompanying story.)

   Citizen input during the meeting included comments by Jerry Crippes questioning the new theater tax and complaining that citizens have no opportunity to study issues and express their views to the council.

   Harry LaBorn complained about increasing property values and the fact that retired people must pay an ever-increasing tax bill.

   Erick Polson spoke on the proposed new bus service by Sound Transit saying that Hwy. 522 was losing the promised new service because residents already utilize bus service heavily.

   The council expressed appreciation for the services of Bob Novak who served as interim finance director. He is leaving the staff.