Northwest NEWS

November 23, 1998

Valley Special

Local artists show their stuff

Local artists

From left: Musician Marc Bristol and artists Annie McCain, Heidi Bohan Bennett, and Bruce Edwards prepare for a new showing at Gardens and SunSpaces Main Street Gallery in Duvall.

upside-down tree

This upside-down Christmas tree is one of many creative art pieces on display at Gardens and SunSpaces Gallery.

   Duvall has long been a place which attracts those with an artistic bent. Maybe it's because of the dramatic changes that happen in the Snoqualmie Valley and its river. Maybe the frontier lifestyle of "acreage" or small town encourages the creative spirit--even demands that it flourish.

   It takes a certain pioneer spirit to be an artist in this age. To make objects one at a time with precise attention to detail and style is special in an age inundated with commodity. To persevere in an expressive career which pays poorly or not at all is arguably foolish in a time when a person's worth is measured in coin, not artistic productivity.

   Local and Damn Good, a holiday art show at Gardens and SunSpaces Gallery, celebrates 10 local artists who do it anyway! Featured will be new works by:

   Opening reception will be held at Gardens and SunSpaces Gallery, 15611 Main St., Duvall, on Sunday, Nov. 29, 3-6 p.m. Marc Bristol's band will play and the public is welcome. Showing is through Dec. 31, 10-6 daily.